About Us

Our Mission

We are zero-waste.

No trash here!
We are proud to be a zero waste company. All of our packaging, shipping materials, and marketing materials are 100% compostable or reusable. 

We create positivity.

Thrift & Uplift.

We believe in not only  having a positive impact on our environment but a positive impact on human lives. We strive to be the most ethical, uplifting business we can be. 

We are for every-BODY.

Every body is a good body.

We believe that trendy, eco-concious fashion is for everyone. We are proud to offer a wide selection of  sizes and styles to fit every-body!



The Woman Behind It All.

Victoria Runstrom. CEO, Founder, Web Designer, Buyer, & Photographer

Hi there! My name is Victoria Runstrom but you can just call me Tori. Wearforward is my brain child and I am so proud of her!

I have worked in the creative & resale industry for 5 years when I made the choice to start my own company. I wanted to create a business that will have a lasting positive affect on my community and spread the word about living physically and emotionally waste free lifestyle.  
So, What makes Wearforward different?
  • We are 100% Zero-Waste company. Nothing we do causes harm to our environment or produces extra waste. 
  • We are women owned and PROUD! Only 30% of entrepreneurs are women so we shout it from the roof tops so more young women know that it IS possible for them to pursue their dreams. 
  • We are size inclusive. We spend extra energy making sure that we have a wide range of sizes and styles for every body. 
My goal is to use this business as a vehicle for women empowerment, a safe judgmental free zone to find trendy clothing, and to encourage the use of eco-friendly lifestyle practices. 


Our Tags:

Our tags are plantable! Any tag (besides originally retailer tags on NWT items) is 100% compostable will grow wild flowers if planted in soil. 

Our wildflower blend papers contain all of the following US origin wildflower seeds:

English Daisy

Tussock Bellflower

Lilac Godetia



Dwarf Spurred Snapdragon

Showy Evening Primrose

Red Corn Poppy


Creeping Thyme

The plants tolerate partial shade and need 4 hours a day of direct sunlight. Will grow to about 3'. The blend of seeds we have selected to include in our papers was chosen to ensure that regardless of your growing region some of the plant seeds embedded in our paper will flourish.

Germination may begin as quickly as one week or may take up to six weeks depending on your regional growing zone.

If you plant this paper in a pot, or in your garden please cover with just 1/8” of soil and keep moist until established.