How it Works

We make it easy to sell your gently used clothes!

Bring your items in any day we are open! No Appointments necessary! We will accept consignments up until 1 hr before closing time
Typically drop offs takes less than 10 mins. Please have your items freshly washed and folded in a basket. Please avoid items on hangers. We prefer items neatly folded in bins. 


Once you check in, we will go over any questions you may have.  We will get your information at the counter. If you are a new consigner, we will make you a consignment account!

You Relax, We Get To Work!

After you check in, we start processing your items! Depending on the quantity, it typically take 20 mins to check your items. We look for items that are currently on trend, in great condition, and that match our current inventory needs. We always finish sorting same day and you'll have three days to pick up your remaining items if you choose to leave the store while we sort your items. Otherwise you are welcome to shop! Anything that meets our criteria, we will price according to brand, style, condition, and demand. After we have priced your items, we will email you with an inventory list with pricing information. 

We Sell In-store & Online 

We sell online & in-store!  Forget the hassle of listing, selling, and shipping... We do all that for you! Your items will be listed with us for 90 days. After that 90 days, we will gather up your remaining items and contact you for pick-up or donate your remaining items. If you do not pick-up within 7 days of contact, your items will be donated. 


We pay our consigner 30% of the list price after their item sells or 50% for items listed over $150. Payments for all items sold will made at the end of your 90 Day consignment period or you may request a payment at anytime. You can request a digital check or pick up cash in store.